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CC3 Plus 1

The latest and biggest addition to the CC3 range is now here…

The CC3 Plus 1

Plus1 reversingPlus 1 split

So what’s the big deal?

Well before we get into detail, let’s just show you the headlines :-

“Over the mirror” front facing camera as with all of the CC3 range.

A second waterproof camera, connected to and displayed on the mirror – mount on the rear parcel shelf, the headlining, ponting into the car, or the rear bumper, it’s your choice.

Reversing camera / warning capabilities.

In built monitor for playing back the video recordings in your vehicle.

Parking Monitor

G Sensor

Motion Detection

Hopefully that’s whetted your appetite for further details, so let’s start by just confirming the “basics” –

Video recordings are time and date stamped.

Looped recording, automatically overwriting the oldest recording.

Screensaver function which turns the monitor off whilst continuing to record.

Tinted mirror glass so that you do not get blinded by headlights behind, and it’s doubtful you’ll ever dip your mirror agin.

There’s an in-vehicle charger (12-24v) for continuous recording.

All recordings are stored onto your MicroSD (up to 32GB) card for playback on a device of your choosing.

A variety of recording resolutions up to 1080P.

Audio recording for the front camera (user selectable on/off).


Probably the biggest deal in all of this is the second camera, so let’s just go into a bit of detail.

The camera connects to the main “mirror” by way of an AV cable that’s easy to run along the headlining or whatever works best for you and depending on where you intend to mount it. If you’re a professional driver who collects passengers, you may want to mount on the roof just above the driver. If you look at the second image above, you’ll see that the forward facing camera is the main display, with thye second camera showing in the top right corner.

There’s a bracket supplied for you to secure to your parcel shelf or rear bumper, or use the supplied strong sticky pad. Again, it’s all down to personal preference.

The reversing function

If it’s your intention to take advantage of the CC3 Plus 1’s ability to be a reversing camera and warning system, by far the best way is to secure the rear camera onto the rear bumper. The camera is waterproof so no need to worry on that score.That way you’ll also see those low walls that often occur in car parks, as well as it being more accurate. Depending on your car, there could be a few feet difference between your back window and your back bumper, so obviously the nearer to the end of your car it is, the more accurate it will be. For the reversing function to work, there’s two leads that need to be connected into your reversing light. It’s a relatively simple operation, but if in doubt this should be carried out by an auto electrician. The reversing camera works in two ways. As soon as reverse is selected, your main mirror camera image will change from the standard split view to just the rear camera view. Immediately there’s a coloured grid that overlays onto what the camera is showing – green being the furthest away and red the nearest to the obstacle. As you get nearer to the obstacle, the red part of the grid will move to be nearer the obstacle. Maybe it’s time to stop!

The image below gives you an idea of what happens, just click on it if you’d like to see a larger version :

Plus1 reversing grid

Parking Monitor is just a little tool designed to stretch out the available time that you have to record. Video normally records at 30FPS (Frames Per Second), but activating this function reduces it to 5 FPS, effectively giving you 6 times as long recording. Recordings aren’t fluid but a bit like the old style CCTV cameras, but handy if you wanted to leave your car somehwere and it to record all day.

G Sensor is exactly that. If the unit detects the correct (or incorrect depending on your viewpoint) amount of G, it will automatically record and “lock” the file. A locked file doesn’t get overwriiten by the loop method, and can only be deleted by reformatting the card.

Motion Detection works on your forward facing camera. If you set this mode and someone/something crosses the invisible beam, it activates recording and will continue as long as the beam is broken or for a ten minute period.

Sound like something that you’d like ?

Just add it to the basket and it’ll be on the way to you!

CC3 Plus 1
New 2016 model. Over the mirror” front facing camera PLUS a second waterproof camera, connected to and displayed on the mirror.Reversing camera / warning capabilities. In built monitor for playing back the video recordings in your vehicle. Parking Monitor,G Sensor,Motion Detection

GPS module
New for late 2016 / early 2017. Connects to the Crash Catcher CC3 Plus 1 and CC3S models.View your video with accompanying GPS data and map. Not compatible with Wi-Fi installation. ** AVAILABLE AT TIME OF CAMERA PURCHASE ONLY **

If you’re not fussed about recording out of the rear of your vehicle , but like the idea of a forward facing camera and a reversing camera, why not consider a Wi-Fi installation.

Just connect the camera into your reversing light, and let the Wi-Fi do the rest !

WiFi Module (For CC3 Plus 1)
Save installation time, improve boot up speed. No interference with other wireless devices. NOTE: Rear camera only operates when reverse selected.




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